PSA NCR PO II conducts 2022 Commodity and Outlet Survey (COS) for Rebasing of Consumer Price Index(CPI)

Reference Number: 

2022-PR-019 (POII)

Release Date: 

Thursday, March 24, 2022
QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES –The Philippine Statistics Authority Provincial Office II (covering Quezon City and City of Marikina) will conduct the 2022 Commodity and Outlet Survey (COS) in Quezon City and City of Marikina.
The 2022 COS is a household survey that aims to determine the commodities to be included in the market basket of Consumer Price Index (CPI) for poor income households in the context of rebasing of CPI for this income households to base year 2018. COS will use Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) through smart devices for convenient and snappy communication. 
COS is conducted for the purpose of gathering data on commodities and services that a certain household purchased/ consumed/ availed of most of the times and variety of outlets where these commodities/services were purchased/availed of within the country.
The PSA NCR PO II has 102 sample households in Quezon City and 99 sample households in the City of Marikina. 1 Provincial Focal Person, 5 Supervisors, and 17 Statistical Researchers (SRs) were trained on the concepts and definition about the COS forms to widen their knowledge and improve their arsenal for this PSA undertaking. The hired SRs were observed by trainers in a mock interview during the last day of training to assess the knowledge of trainees and their readiness for the survey using CAPI.
The enumeration period for the 2022 COS will be on 01 April 2022 to 20 April 2022.
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