Vital Statistics

Registered Live Births in the National Capital Region: 2020

In 2020, a total of 211,190 live births were registered in National Capital Region (NCR) which translate to an average of around 577 babies born daily or 24 babies born per hour. The number of registered live births to mothers with usual place of residence is in NCR reached 198,981 which is equivalent to a crude birth rate (CBR) of 14.4 or around 14 births per thousand population.

Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (City of Parañaque): First to Third Quarter 2019 (Preliminary Results)

Statistics on Vital Events City of Parañaque: First to Third Quarter 2019

From January to September of 2019, the City of Parañaque registered a total of 7,721 live births. This contributed to 4.98 percent of the 155,185 total number of registered live births in the whole National Capital Region (NCR). The city ranked seventh based on the number of registered live births in NCR.

Special Release on Birth Statistics, NCR: 2017 Final Results

Of the total births (1,700,618) in the country, 657,275 or 38.6 percent was accounted for by three regions in Luzon. On top of the list was the CALABARZON with 248,401 (14.6%) followed by National Capital Region and Central Luzon with 217,480 (12.8%) and 191,394 (11.3%), respectively. The rest of the regions in the country contributed less than ten percent each to the total number of births in 2017.


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