Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Statistics


Agriculture and Fisheries sector provides food to every Filipino. One of the priority obligations of the government was to provide available and affordable food for Filipinos.

As the home of the premier public markets and the Premier Fish Landing Center of the Philippines (Navotas Fish Port Complex), the National Capital Region (NCR) serves as the major drop area of agriculture and fisheries products all over the country. As the population increases, expanding industry sector, and impact of climate change, the sector must reach its full potential of productivity to brace its demands.

Statistical Operations and Other Related Activities

2012 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF)

The 2012 CAF is geared towards the collection and compilation of basic information on the agriculture and fishery sector in the country. The reference period for the 2012 CAF is January to December 2012.

Quarterly Aquaculture Survey (QAqS)

The QAqS generates data on volume and value of aquaculture production by aquafarm type, by culture environment, by species, and by quarter at the national, regional and provincial levels. The cities involved in the region in this quarterly survey are City of Navotas, City of Malabon, City of Valenzuela, City of Muntinlupa, Taguig City, City of Las Piñas, and City of Parañaque.

Quarterly Municipal Fisheries Survey (QMFS)

The QMFS produced data on quarterly volume and value of fish unloaded at municipal fish landing centers by species at the national, regional and provincial level. City of Malabon, City of Navotas and City of Parañaque are the cities that involved in this quarterly survey.

Quarterly Commercial Fisheries Survey (QCFS)

The QCFS generates data on the quarterly volume and value of fish unloaded at commercial fish landing centers by species at the national, regional, and provincial level. Only City of Malabon and City of Parañaque are involved in this quarterly survey.

2017 Updating of List of Aquafarms (ULAF)

The 2017 ULAF aims to update the list of aquafarms based on three sources; Aquaculture Farms Inventory (AqFI), 2012 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). The listing covered 81 provinces and the NCR.

Integrated Agricultural Marketing Information System / Agricultural Marketing News Service (AGMARIS-AMNEWSS)

The AGMARIS-AMNEWSS is a comprehensive and responsive marketing information system for unprocessed agricultural commodities traded in major local/provincial market centers as well as in strategic terminal markets throughout the country.

Palay and Corn Stock Survey (PCSS)

The Palay and Corn Stocks Survey (PCSS) intend to generate estimates of the current stock of rice and corn in farm and non-farm households. It is a monthly survey being conducted in the first four (4) days of the month with the 1st day of the month as the reference period.

Presyo sa Palengke Mobile Application (PPMA)

The PPMA is a pilot project of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) related to the dissemination of data through mobile application. The objective is to disseminate the output of the Retail Price Survey (RPS) of agri-food commodities conducted in selected market in the region. There are total of 11 markets covered in the mobile application.


Agricultural Statistics Reports Generated from Retail and Wholesale Price Surveys of Selected Commodities in NCR

  • ​Bantay Presyo
  • PSA Media Service
  • Comparative Retail Price
  • Presentation Materials
  • Price Chart (Malacañang)
  • Price Chart of other Commodities
  • Weekly Price Cereals
  • Price Watch