Around 2,000 Residents of Manila Die of Covid-19 (Deaths, City of Manila: 2020)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Deaths increase 3.1 percent in 2020

In 2020, 613,936 deaths were registered in the Philippines; of which 84,355 were residents of National Capital Region (NCR). Compared to previous year, the number of  deaths in the Philippines decreased by 1.0 percent; contrary to NCR that increased by 7.3 percent in the same year. Meanwhile in the City of Manila, 12,808 deaths by its residents were registered in 2020. This is 3.1 percent higher than the previous year.

Figure 1 illustrates that the number of deaths in the City of Manila from 2006 to 2020. Overall, deaths during the period were fluctuating. Year 2020 was marked with the highest recorded number of deaths with 12,808 while year 2007 had the lowest number of recorded deaths with 11,849.

Most deaths occur in the third quarter

Figure 2 shows the number of registered deaths by month. August occurred the highest number of deaths with 1,466 (11.4%); followed by July and April with 1,434 (11.2%) and 1,209 (9.4%), respectively.

On the contrary, November had the lowest number of occurrences with 771 (6.0%).

More males die than females

Based on the results from the 2020-registered certificates of death, more male residents of the city died than females. Out of 12,808 deaths, 7,395 (57.7%) were males while 5,413 (42.3%) were females.

Deaths soar for older people

Death was most prevalent among seniors age 60 years old and over with 7,418 (57.9%). Additionally, deaths among seniors were notably high compared with  the previous year—soaring by 565 (8.2%). This increase was largely driven by acute myocardial infarction, also known as heart attack with (1,252 or 9.8%); by COVID-19 with 1,216 (9.5%); and chronic ischaemic heart disease with 1,097 (8.6%).

On the other hand, deaths among age group 10 to 14 dropped drastically by 39.7 percent, from 78 in 2019 to 47 in 2020.

Around 7,000 deaths are medically attended

In 2020, 7,242 (56.5%) deaths were medically attended. A death is considered medically attended if a medical assistance was provided by a private physician, public health officer, or hospital authority.

On the other hand, 123 (1.0%) deaths were attended by others—medico legal officer, pathologist, and other medical practitioners. While the rest (5,443 or 42.5%) is accounted for none or not stated.

More than half of the number of deaths occurred in the hospital

Figure 3 presents the percentage distribution of the deaths in the City of Manila by Place of Occurrence. It shows that most of the registered deaths in 2020 occurred in the hospital with 7,005 (54.7%). On the other hand, 5,685 (44.4%) occurred at home while rest (118 or 0.9%) occurred in places other than home and hospital.

Nearly 15 out of 100 people die of COVID-19

The top three (3) causes of death in the City of Manila are COVID-19 with 1,961 (15.3%), chronic ischaemic heart disease with 1,933 (15.1%), and acute myocardial infarction with 1,660 (13.0%).