2014 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI)

The 2014 ASPBI is one of the designated statistical activities of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) with the objective of providing key measures on the levels, structure, performance and trends of economic activities of the formal sector in the entire country for the year 2014. As such, the survey generates the most critical and essential statistics required for economic planning and policies.

The 2014 ASPBI is the 43rd of the series of the annual surveys of establishments since the 1956 Survey of Manufactures. It was undertaken in April 2015 with year 2014 as the reference period of data, except for employment which is as of 15 November 2014. The 2014 Survey of Tourism Establishments in the Philippines (STEP) was undertaken as a rider to the survey.

Legal Authority

 The conduct of 2014 ASPBI is authorized under Republic Act (RA) 10625 known as the Philippine Statistical Act of 2013 – Reorganizing and Strengthening of the Philippine Statistical System (PSS), its agencies and instrumentalities. It shall be the policy of the State to effect the necessary and proper changes in the organizational and functional structures of the PSS in order to rationalize and promote efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of statistical service.

Section 27 of Republic Act No. 10625 states that:

“…Respondents of primary data collection activities such as censuses and sample surveys are obliged to give truthful and complete answers to statistical inquiries. The gathering, consolidation and analysis of such data shall likewise be done in the most truthful and credible manner.

To ensure compliance, any violation of this Act shall result in the imposition of the penalty of one (1) year imprisonment and a fine of One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00). In cases where the respondent fails to give truthful and complete answer to such statistical inquiries is a corporation, the above penalty shall be imposed against the responsible officer, director, manager and/or agent of said corporation. In addition, such erring corporation, enterprise or business concerned, shall be imposed a fine ranging from One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) to Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00)...”

Scope and Coverage

The 2014 ASPBI covered establishments engaged in 18 economic sectors classified under the 2009 PSIC, namely:

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (A)

Mining and Quarrying (B)

Manufacturing (C)

Electricity, Gas, Steam, and Air Conditioning Supply (D)

Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation Activities (E)

Construction (F)

Wholesale and Retail Trade; Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles (G)

Transportation and Storage (H)

Accommodation and Food Service Activities (I)

Information and Communication (J)

Financial and Insurance Activities (K)

Real Estate Activities (L)

Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities (M)

Administrative and Support Service Activities (N)

Education (P)

Human Health and Social Activities (Q)

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (R)

Other Service Activities (S)

The survey was confined to the formal sector of the economy, which consists of the following:

Corporations and partnership

Cooperatives and foundations

Single proprietorship with employment of 10 and over

Single proprietorships with branches

Hence, the 2014 ASPBI covered only the following economic units:

All establishments with total employment (TE) of 10 and over, and;

All establishment with TE of less than 10, except those establishment with Legal Organization = 1 (single proprietorship) and Economic Organization = 1 (single establishment), that are engaged in economic activities classified according to the 2009 PSIC.